Cli commands


kedro mlflow init: this command is needed to initalize your project. You cannot run any other commands before you run this one once. It performs 2 actions: - creates a mlflow.yml configuration file in your conf/local folder - replace the src/PYTHON_PACKAGE/ file by an updated version of the template. If your template has been modified since project creation, a warning will be raised. You can either run kedro mlflow init --force to ignore this warning (but this will erase your or set hooks manually.

init has two arguments:

  • --env which enable to specifiy another environment where the mlflow.yml should be created (e.g, base)

  • --force which overrides the mlflow.yml if it already exists and replaces it with the default one. Use it with caution!


kedro mlflow ui: this command opens the mlflow UI (basically launches the mlflow ui command )

ui accepts the port and host arguments of mlflow ui command. The default values used will be the ones defined in the mlflow.yml configuration file under the ui.

If you provide the arguments at runtime, they wil take priority over the mlflow.yml, e.g. if you have:

# mlflow.yml
    localhost: ""
    port: "5001"


kedro mlflow ui --port=5002

will open the ui on port 5002.