Installation guide


Create a virtual environment

I strongly recommend to use conda (a package manager) to create an environment in order to avoid version conflicts between packages.

I also recommend to read Kedro installation guide to set up your Kedro project.

conda create -n <your-environment-name> python=<3.[6-8].X>

For the rest of the section, we assume the envirpnment is activated:

conda activate <your-environment-name>

Check your kedro version

If you have an existing environment with kedro already installed, make sure its version is above 0.16.0. kedro-mlflow cannot be used with kedro<0.16.0, and if you install it in an existing environment, it will reinstall a more up-to-date version of kedro and likely mess your project up until you reinstall the proper version of kedro (the one you originally created the project with).

pip show kedro

should return:

Name: kedro
Version: <your-kedro-version>  # <-- make sure it is above 0.16.0, <0.17.0
Summary: Kedro helps you build production-ready data and analytics pipelines
Author: QuantumBlack Labs
Author-email: None
License: Apache Software License (Apache 2.0)
Location: <...>\anaconda3\envs\<your-environment-name>\lib\site-packages
Requires: pip-tools, cachetools, fsspec, toposort, anyconfig, PyYAML, click, pluggy, jmespath, python-json-logger, jupyter-client, setuptools, cookiecutter

Install the plugin

The current version of the plugin is compatible with kedro>=0.16.0. Since Kedro tries to enforce backward compatibility, it will very likely remain compatible with further versions.

Install from PyPI

You can install kedro-mlflow plugin from PyPi with pip:

pip install --upgrade kedro-mlflow

Install from sources

You may want to install the master branch which has unreleased features:

pip install git+

Check the installation

Type kedro info in a terminal to check the installation. If it has succeeded, you should see the following ascii art:

 _            _
| | _____  __| |_ __ ___
| |/ / _ \/ _` | '__/ _ \
|   <  __/ (_| | | | (_) |
|_|\_\___|\__,_|_|  \___/

kedro allows teams to create analytics
projects. It is developed as part of
the Kedro initiative at QuantumBlack.

Installed plugins:
kedro_mlflow: 0.12.2 (hooks:global,project)

The version 0.12.2 of the plugin is installed and has both global and project commands.

That’s it! You are now ready to go!

Available commands

With the kedro mlflow -h command outside of a kedro project, you now see the following output:

Usage: kedro mlflow [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Use mlflow-specific commands inside kedro project.

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  new  Create a new kedro project with updated template.

Note: For now, the kedro mlflow new command is not implemented. You must use kedro new to create a project, and then call kedro mlflow init inside this new project.