Migration guide

This page explains how to migrate an existing kedro project to a more up to date kedro-mlflow versions with breaking changes.

Migration from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0

Catalog entries

Replace the following entries:

old new
kedro_mlflow.io.MlflowArtifactDataSet kedro_mlflow.io.artifacts.MlflowArtifactDataSet
kedro_mlflow.io.MlflowMetricsDataSet kedro_mlflow.io.metrics.MlflowMetricsDataSet


Hooks are now auto-registered if you use kedro>=0.16.4. You can remove the following entry from your run.py:

hooks = (


Be aware that if you have saved a pipeline as a mlflow model with pipeline_ml_factory, retraining this pipeline with kedro-mlflow==0.4.0 will lead to a new behaviour. Let assume the name of your output in the DataCatalog was predictions, the output of a registered model will be modified from:

            <your model-predictions>


    <your model-predictions>

Thus, parsing the predictions of this model must be updated accordingly.