Cli commands


kedro mlflow init: this command is needed to initalize your project. You cannot run any other commands before you run this one once. It performs 2 actions: - creates a mlflow.yml configuration file in your conf/local folder - replace the src/PYTHON_PACKAGE/ file by an updated version of the template. If your template has been modified since project creation, a warning wil be raised. You can either run kedro mlflow init --force to ignore this warning (but this will erase your or set hooks manually.

Init has two arguments:

  • --env which enable to specifiy another environment where the mlflow.yml should be created (e.g, base)

  • --force which overrides the mlflow.yml if it already exists and replaces it with the default one. Use it with caution!


kedro mlflow ui: this command opens the mlflow UI (basically launches the mlflow ui command with the configuration of your mlflow.yml file)